B2B Social Media – or should it be P2P?

Recently I was having a discussion with a ‘slow adopter’ to the whole Social Media explosion: he runs a successful business that mainly sells its services to other commercial organisations and the public sector.

He argues that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were of no use to him in his business and could see that LinkedIn may be of use but he didn’t really see the benefit. “Facebook is for kids, Twitter is frivalous and YouTube is for seeing cute babies and people doing stupid things – what business relevance is that for B2B?”

What I belive he is missing is the old adage “people buy from people”, you may do bsuiness with a corporation but it is a person that signs the contract, who does the negotiations and who works with you over the lifetime of the contract. So, why not build a ‘personal’ relationship with that person that goes beyond the formal. I’m not saying ask them round for dinner and go away for the weekend but ….. share a little…. you will move that relationship to a closer, more understanding one and who knows once you build trust, confidence and respect where you will end up; just by sharing a little.

In fact all business is P2P – “Person to Person” and it is that relationship that Social Media is changing beyond recognition. Social media is the enabler that allows you to share a little and grow and extend those relationships so that you can do more business with PEOPLE.

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